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Easystand specialise in the development of sit to stand technology, which encompasses the manufacture of high quality Standing Frames. This is all thanks to commitment to our customers, and listening to their needs and requirements. This has allowed us to perfect our sit to stand technology so that we provide the widest range of standers and standing products that enhance the lives of their users. We have many different stander sizes, including our unique ‘Active Standing’ Glider.

We Come Recommended

Many therapists recommend using EasyStand Standing Frames for their many medical benefits, as these standing frame devices can greatly improve the lives of those people who would otherwise be limited to using a wheelchair. The health benefits are many, and we work hard to keep our customers happy.

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Skeleton - Standing Frame Benefits

The Medical Benefits of Standing

Passive standing has been proven to prevent, improve or reverse many of the negative effects associated with extended or permanent immobilisation.

These benefits include the following, amongst others:

  1. Prevents shortening of muscles and fixed joints – in the ankles, knees and hips, for example
  2. Improves motion range in the spine, hips, knees and ankles
  3. Reduces continuous tightening and contraction of muscles
  4. Prevention, reduction or reversal of osteoporosis and any resulting elevated calcium levels in urine
  5. Improvement in the function of the kidneys, drainage of the urinary tract and the reduction of kidney stones
  6. Prevention of ulcers caused by the pressure of changing positions
  7. Circulation improvement in relation to head rushes and dizzy spells
  8. Bowel function improvements
  9. Return to normal respiratory function
  10. Hip integrity improvement
  11. The development or significant improvement of motor skills
  12. The maintenance or re-gain of bone density