Easystand Accessories

Do you need an extra accessory to enhance you or your patient’s EasyStand experience? Or do you need to replace a damaged piece of equipment that is impeding physiotherapeutic rehabilitation? Our range of EasyStand accessories are all made with the same user-focused design and care as our standing frames and can be the difference that changes your or your patient’s rehabilitation and recovery.

Take a look at our adjustable lifting straps for fixed-arm wheelchairs, which secure the user’s legs during a transfer or lift. The straps are thoughtfully padded and feature a unique design with a pocket that automatically centres the person securely into the strap. It comes in a range of different sizes from small to XL, so that everyone can have access to this useful accessory.

Elsewhere, our lateral supports work in tandem with the EasyStand to be adjustable and removable for when you need to transfer to a different standing frame. Made in both flat pad and curved pad varieties for whatever preference, there is also support for knees and seats available in a Roho Dry Floatation build for additional therapeutic benefits.

Our standing frame trays are designed to provide anterior and forearm support, especially when lifting. Coming in many varieties, such as black moulded and clear acrylic, it is a capable surface for working on and can be adjusted by height, depth and even angle on some models so the user can perform activities and tasks closer to them.

Browse the exceptional EasyStand accessories range today, and use the standing frame type filters at the top of the page to adjust which EasyStand standing frame you need the accessory to be compatible with.


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Health Benefits of Standing

EasyStand aids users to attain independence through life-changing technology.

Enhanced bone growth and structure
Limited possibility of scoliosis
Full-body strength conditioning
Promoting endurance via cardiovascular exercise
Restricted lower body swelling and ulcers
Developing user range of motion and mobility