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  • Mental and physical restoration
  • Utmost safety
  • Ease-of-use for patients and physiotherapists

EasyStand provides an all-encompassing solution to rehabilitation treatment for a range of conditions, allowing your patients to move with strength and exert autonomy over their life.


Why choose EasyStand?

EasyStand aids have helped dozens of medical professionals including physiotherapists and private OT’s choose suitable safe options for their patients needs. Here are some of the ways EasyStand can enhance a patients health and quality of life:

Improves bone growth and structure
Lessens & manages the progression of scoliosis
Provides full-body strength conditioning
Promotes endurance via cardiovascular exercise
Reduces lower body swelling and ulcers
Developes a users range of motion and mobility
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Problems Solved By EasyStand


A Holistic Approach to Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

EasyStand assists individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries in regaining strength and ensuring the regular functioning of their respiratory and digestive systems. During the critical rehabilitation stage, it’s imperative to foster physical recovery to maintain muscle robustness and bone density. The EasyStand Glider uses the same exercise focus as a cross trainer to strengthen the upper half of the body while activating circulation in the lower half. With adjustable resistance, this device features a range of support measures to make exercise more accessible with a wide seat, flip-up kneepads and more. Not only does it benefit the body’s flexibility and range of motion, but the patient will also feel empowered and reinvigorated.


Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients Feel Like Their Old Selves

EasyStand’s standing frames for rehabilitation have helped sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) recover control of their movements after their muscle responsiveness diminishes. The EasyStand StrapStand is an assistive wheelchair transfer device that lifts patients directly from their seated position to standing, which is ideal for MS patients whose limb movement is hindered. By attaching the strap to the lifting arms and pumping the lifting handle, standing is a secure procedure. The result of this is that they achieve happiness from being about to participate in the normal activities of daily living.


Building a Mobile Future for Stroke Patients

EasyStand is a hugely beneficial aid for patients suffering from physical stiffness and weakness in the body caused by recent and extreme strokes, allowing them to find a path towards a more mobile future. Strokes affect people in many different ways, which is why the EasyStand Evolv is constructed from a modular design that gives it hundreds of setup configurations to tailor to your individual needs. Our standing frames are an effective solution for stroke patients looking to repair their coordination, limb strength and posture. Their safe and simple lateral transfer and supportive equipment make the standing process comfortable for both physiotherapists and patients.

View the range

Browse the EasyStand range below and discover the strengths and functionality of each of our models.

  • EasyStand Evolv

    The modular design of the EasyStand Evolv makes it the most versatile and usable adult standing frame available.

  • EasyStand Strapstand

    The StrapStand is a strap-style stander for adults from 5′ to 6’5” (152-196 cm) and up to 350 lbs (159 kg).

  • EasyStand Glider

    The EasyStand Glider Standing Frame provides the user with leading, state of the art Active Standing design & technology.

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