28 March 2023

Enhancing Lives: Conditions We Provide Relief For

EasyStand has helped many people with life-altering conditions regain their independence. Moreover, it has been the catalyst for a breakthrough for, and sometimes even recover from, a wide range of conditions. Here at EasyStand, we work with a wide range of community physios within the NHS, offering full support to them and their patients.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects the central nervous system, slowing down the responsiveness of the signals sent to the muscles. EasyStand’s assisted standing devices are designed to support the user and regain control over their movements. Products like the EasyStand StrapStand lifts patients directly from their wheelchair, bed or any seated surface to position them to stand, which is ideal for MS patients whos limb movement is hindered. 

A study conducted by the National Institute for Health and Care Research found that standing frames have had a profound effect on people with MS. They have a greater sense of normalcy and enjoyment as they are more able to participate in the activities they value. In other words, they feel more like their old selves.

Muscular Dystrophy (MD)

Muscular dystrophy affects the skeletal muscles, making them progressively weaker and deteriorated. However, our standing frames are an excellent physiotherapy and everyday tool that takes weight away from the legs for the user. It still allows the user to exercise their muscles but with a bearable weight, the rest is taken care of by the standing device.

A study on assisted standing devices for Muscular Dystrophy highlights how it gives those with limited strength in their legs the ability to use them and stand up. The versatility and adjustability of the device mean that it can be beneficial no matter how severe the Muscular Dystrophy is.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy aggravates sitting and walking and severely limits movement in the arms, hands, legs and feet, but our standing frame can provide a way of improving everyday life. A standing frame for Cerebral Palsy can improve a user’s life mentally and physically, allowing them to be at eye level with their peers and enhancing social participation. 

A 2018 study found that standing frames for Cerebral Palsy were the catalyst for positive impact in most users, including enhanced bone mineral density and gastrointestinal function. The study set out to see if the stands are a cost-effective rehabilitation method and concluded that it is clinically effective for people of all ages.

Talk to the team today to find out how, EasyStand can help cerebral palsy sufferers lead a better life.

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury rehabilitation is crucial to implement before it gets too late in order to preserve muscle strength and bone density. Regular exercise using the EasyStand Glider helps redevelop strength in the spine and maintains the regular functioning of the respiratory and digestive systems.

This product promotes strength, flexibility and circulation but also fosters a sense of freedom, which can be lost following a spinal cord injury.

Stroke Patients

Recent strokes, and past strokes in more extreme cases, can leave behind many effects on physical health, including stiffness and weakness in certain parts of the body. A 2018 study concluded that standing frames for stroke patients are incredibly potent pieces of equipment for the journey towards repairing coordination, limb strength and posture.

At EasyStand, we create standing frames for stroke patients that allow you to reap its benefits no matter your requirements. We recognise how strokes can affect people in different ways, and the EasyStand Evolv’s modular design means it has hundreds of setup configurations.

Brain Injury (Neurological Rehabilitation)

Similarly to stroke patients, a brain injury can impair many areas of bodily function including mobility. Muscle weakness is a limiting factor that needs to be addressed in order to recover and at EasyStand, our standing aids will help patients exercise and begin neurological rehabilitation.

All of our EasyStand models have the ability to customise their resistance when helping users to a standing position, meaning that as you start to rebuild the strength deficits caused by a brain injury, the frame can be adjusted to give the user more independence

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