Standing Health Benefits

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Directory of Studies on the Health Benefits of Standing

Standing is an essential way of bettering bodily health, and our standing frames for the disabled help users stand up on their own. To show just how vital standing is to physical well-being, we’ve compiled a directory of studies that show data on a number of aspects, from improving bone integrity to decreasing joint and muscle fractures.

Improving Bone Integrity and Skeletal Development


Managing the Progression of Scoliosis


Strengthen Cardiovascular System and Build Endurance


Improve Bowel Function and Regularity


Aiding Kidney and Bladder Functions


Improve Range of Motion


Managing Atrophy in the Trunk and Lower Extremities 


Managing Pressure ( Ulcers) through Changing Positions 


Improving Strength to Trunk and Lower Extremities


Decrease Joint and Muscle Contractures