15 April 2024

What Makes EasyStand the Right Tool for Your Healthcare Provision?

Looking for the best device for your care facility? Learn why EasyStand is the answer to your search for a safe, effective, and easy-to-use solution.

The market for standing aids has never been so vast. Today, you can choose from hundreds of different standing frames from an array of different brands, all of which claim to offer features and benefits that their competitors don’t. So, how do you navigate through all of the options and choose the one that’s right for your needs?

The only way to conclusively determine which standing frame suits you best is to compare all of the available options and weigh up the pros and cons of each. Start by whittling down your selection based on your budget and must-have features, before digging deeper into the details that set each product apart.

To help make that process easier for you, we’ve decided to outline some of the key benefits of EasyStand frames in this blog. Below, we’ll cover the notable features and stand-out attributes of both the Strapstand and the Evolv models, helping you choose which one is right for you.

The benefits of choosing EasyStand

EasyStand products are manufactured by Minnesota, US-based Altimate Medical, which was established back in 1987. Since then, the brand has gone on to revolutionise the world of standing aids, creating ever more advanced products that utilise the latest technology.

EasyStand products aren’t about using technology for technology’s sake, though: their mission is to make the act of standing accessible for all, making the process easier and more convenient than ever before. Over the past three decades, EasyStand frames have transformed the lives of thousands of patients, giving them far greater freedom, improved physical health and a new lease of life.

From children with cerebral palsy to adults undergoing spinal cord injury rehabilitation, EasyStand products maximise the user’s health and wellbeing, improving their quality of life and, in many cases, their chances of making a full recovery. Here’s an overview of what makes these devices so special.


Available in a range of different sizes and configurations, EasyStand standing aids are available for patients of all sizes, from young children to adults. Unlike many other products on the market, which have to be adapted to suit certain users, the EasyStand range offers solutions for everyone. No matter the specific needs of your patients, it’s easy to find a suitable product in our range.

Modular design

Adding to the versatility of the EasyStand range is its modular design approach. Take the Evolv as an example. This incredible standing aid doesn’t just come in three different sizes, it’s available with more than 60 different options and configurations. Different components can be swapped out to tailor the frame to suit the user’s needs, allowing you to essentially construct a ‘purpose-built’ frame using off-the-shelf parts.

Built with independence in mind

The benefits of standing aren’t just physical – they’re mental too. That’s why all of our products are built with independence in mind, allowing the user to stand with minimal intervention from caregivers. The Evolv comes with a rotating seat, making the transfer process easier, and can be fitted with an optional push-button Pow’r Up Lift. Instead of having to manually lift the patient using a hoist, they can simply push a button themselves and be standing in seconds.

Simplicity and convenience

One of the reasons why EasyStand frames continue to lead the way is because of their ease of use. It’s all well and good having advanced technology built into a standing frame, but packaging it in a way that makes the device easy to use is the tricky part. That’s exactly what EasyStand has been doing now for more than 30 years, creating products that are straightforward to use and maintain.

Responsive customer service

EasyStand is distributed in the UK by the team at The Mobility Aids Centre, a specialist business with more than 30 years of experience behind them. For half of that time, we’ve been supplying EasyStand equipment to patients and care centres across the UK, and delivering a high-quality service to match. Whenever you need spare parts, accessories or expert advice, you can count on us.

Free demonstrations

There’s no better way to see what you think of EasyStand products than experiencing them first-hand. That’s why we offer free demonstrations. We’re confident that, once you’ve seen our products in person and discovered what they have to offer, you’ll understand why they’re favoured by so many healthcare professionals across the globe.

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