17 May 2024

How EasyStand Accessories Make Your Standing Experience Better

Everyone is different. No two standing frame users are the same and everyone has different needs and preferences, which is where our range of EasyStand accessories comes in.

Everyone is different. No two standing frame users are the same and everyone has different needs and preferences, which is where our range of EasyStand accessories comes in.

Far from providing one-size-fits-all solutions, at EasyStand we strive to create products that are modular and flexible – products that can be adapted to suit everyone’s precise needs. This philosophy is evident in each of our standing frames models (like the Evolv and Strapstand) but it’s amplified by the huge range of optional accessories we offer.

Encompassing everything from quality of life add-ons to useful spare parts, the EasyStand accessory range allows you to personalise your standing frame to suit your specific requirements. From further enhancing safety to boosting independence, our lineup of accessories is the perfect way to take your standing experience to the next level.

Accessories we offer

Below, we’ll run through some of the most popular accessories we offer, explaining what they do and why they’re useful. If you’ve just purchased an EasyStand frame or are planning to, the following information should help you decide which accessories are right for you.

It’s important to note that our accessory range covers not only the Evolv and Strapstand but the Glider too. No matter which of our products you use, we’ve got you covered.

Lifting harnesses and straps

One of the most crucial components of any standing frame is the lifting harness or strap, which is used to help aid the transfer between your wheelchair and the frame. Our accessory range includes a wide variety of lifting harnesses and straps to suit each type of wheelchair, with sizes ranging from small to XL.

Crucially, all of our harnesses and straps come with around 20 cm of adjustability, allowing you to get comfortable and remain that way as you transition from sitting to standing.

Shadow trays

Shadow trays are exclusive to EasyStand products, and have been designed to provide additional frontal support during the transition from sitting to standing. They’re called shadow trays because they ‘shadow’ your movements; as you begin to stand, the tray moves with you, making it easier for you to reach the standing position by providing a little extra support when you need it most.

As you’d expect from EasyStand, each tray comes with plenty of adjustment, making it easy to get comfortable. They can be retrofitted at any time, allowing you to adapt your frame to suit your ever-evolving needs.

Hand grips

Attached in seconds using suction cups, hand grips can again be retrofitted to your frame at any time (provided you have a shadow tray installed). Working in tandem with the tray, hand grips provide further support for your arms and hands, making it easier to transition from sitting to standing.

Chest pads

Another accessory that’s been designed to work in harmony with the shadow tray is the chest pad. Available in a range of different sizes and styles – including flat and contoured options – chest pads provide added comfort and anterior support as you move from sitting to standing. If you don’t have a tray fitted to your frame, the chest support can also be fitted to a ‘no-tray’ bracket.

Push handles

Caregivers will appreciate our range of push handles, which are fitted to the rear of the standing frame. Bolted onto the uppermost section of the frame, push handles make it far easier to move the frame and user around, allowing them to make the most of their time standing.

Hip supports

Another product designed to aid the transition from sitting to standing are hip supports, which attach to each side of the frame’s base. Available in a range of sizes to suit you – and offering plenty of flexibility – hip supports ensure that your hips are symmetrically aligned as you begin to stand, making the process easier and reducing the risk of injury.

Roho knee pads

Featuring Roho® Dry Floatation® technology for optimal comfort and cushioning, Roho knee pads can be fitted in place of the standard items. Simply unbolt the old ones, bolt on the new ones and enjoy significantly improved knee support.  

Angle locators

Angle locators are an affordable add-on designed to help therapists monitor the user’s transition from sitting to standing. Attached to the frame’s mast using a magnetic base, they precisely measure the angle of the seat, allowing therapists to keep tabs on the user’s progress as they begin to stand.

Tool pouches

Need a safe place to store the assembly tools that came with your frame? Look no further. These affordable and easy to install pouches can accommodate everything you need, allowing you to adjust or reconfigure the frame no matter where you are. Installation and removal couldn’t be simpler: the pouch attaches to the stander with a pair of Velcro® straps.

Order your EasyStand accessories today

Want to learn more about our complete lineup of accessories and discover each product for yourself? Head over to the accessories page to do exactly that and, if you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch.