14 February 2024

From Sitting to Standing Without a Hoist: The EasyStand Range

Discover easy transitions from sitting to standing without a hoist. Learn techniques for improved mobility and independence in our latest blog.

Standing aids can be a total game changer for those with mobility issues, transforming their level of independence and dramatically boosting their confidence. But although all standing aids share one common goal, each type works differently. There are a whole host of different standing aids out there to choose from, both mechanised and non-mechanised – and one of the most popular of these is the portable hoist.

Although hoists are popular and cost-effective, they do have their downsides. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at those downsides, before offering a selection of alternatives from the EasyStand range that may prove more suitable for your needs. 

The downsides of traditional hoist standing aids

First off, let’s examine the issues with traditional portable hoists. These devices come in various different forms, with manual, battery or mains-operated versions available – but all of them work in essentially the same way. 

They each use a lifting arm which is fitted with a sling. The user sits in the sling and the arm then lifts them into a standing position. Simple. While there are many advantages to this design – namely manoeuvrability and affordability – there are a number of disadvantages to consider too.

For starters, hoists tend to be quite large and plenty of room is required in order to operate them safely. In compact environments, they can very often prove cumbersome and frustrating to use. 

Manually-operated models are the most affordable, but they’re also quite challenging to operate. In many cases, two trained caregivers will need to be present in order to safely lift the user into the standing position.

Hoists can pose a number of additional risks for the user, too. If they’re operated incorrectly or the wrong type of sling is used, serious injury or even death can occur. 

The benefits of EasyStand standing frames

EasyStand standing frames have been built from the ground up to address the weaknesses of traditional standing aids, keeping the user safe and secure at all times – and helping them regain their independence. 

An overview of the range

Below, we’re going to take a closer look at two of our most popular products: the Strapstand and the Evolv. 

EasyStand Strapstand

Starting at £3,935, the EasyStand Strapstand is a remarkably versatile piece of equipment that makes standing a breeze. Designed to accommodate adults of all sizes, the heavy duty Strapstand XT can safely lift users weighing up to 159 kg (350 lbs).

In one smooth motion, the Strapstand can lift the user directly from their wheelchair, bed or chair into the standing position. Simple and straightforward to operate for the user and carer alike, the Strapstand comes with a range of built-in safety features. 

Used extensively by hospitals, rehabilitation centres and care homes, the Strapstand couldn’t be any easier to use. Once the user is strapped in, the straps are then attached to the lifting arms – a process which takes just seconds. Then, simply pump the actuator handle and let the device do all the hard work for you. 

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EasyStand Evolv

One of the most versatile and adaptable standing frames on the market, the Evolv starts at £4,662 and again comes in three different sizes. Featuring a revolutionary modular design, the Evolv has more than 60 different options and configurations available to choose from, making it easy to tailor the frame to the user’s specific needs. 

In the past, tailoring a standing frame so specifically to a user’s needs would have only been possible with custom modifications. Now, with the Evolv, a ‘purpose-built’ frame can instead be assembled using off the shelf parts – that’s the benefit of choosing a device with a modular design. 

Just like the Strapstand, the Evolv has been built with safety and ease of use very much in mind. Users can stand in three steps: adjust, transfer and pump up. This makes life easier for both the user and carer, allowing them to stand at their own speed and keeping the risk of injury to an absolute minimum.

Another standout attribute of the Evolv is the emphasis it places on independence. It features an open base, which can be fitted with either a large transfer seat or a rotating seat to make the transfer between equipment easier. Further independence can be achieved with the fitment of our push-button Pow’r Up Lift, an optional feature that allows the user to stand independently without the need for carer intervention.

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